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From simple project pages to a robust community giving site, GiveCorps' service packages deliver all the features you need to promote your nonprofit and raise more funds.


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Project based fundraising is the idea that donors want to donate to what you do, not just what your organization is about. We encourage nonprofits to break their fundraising down into smaller projects that donors feel they can impact.  I can't cure world hunger, but I can feed a family for a week. With GiveCorps, in addiiton to your non-profit's branded cause page, you can run an unlimited number of project pages on the site. Break it down and watch the donations build up!

Unlimited Project Based Fundraising

Promotion to the "Corps"

The "Corps" is the thousands of community based givers that use the GiveCorps platform to find the causes that inspire them and to help them manage their giving life.  GiveCorps promotes your projects with our members via our site, email and social media in a relevant and timely manner.  We also provide Corps members with our GiveTools.  These donor centric tools allow them to make planned and recurring gifts, create individual and team fundraisers, share GiveCard gift cards with their friends, and manage tax reciepts and reporting for your non-profit.  Reach the "Corps" and grow your donations!

Personalized Content Review & Coaching

Getting the ask right is critical to starting and mainitaining your relationship with donors.  Our fundraisnig experts review each project submission to help you put your best foot forward.  We also know you are busy serving your cause.  Our "Rainmaker" package includes 6 hours of coaching and copywriting professional services.  We can help you put a page together, produce a video, or execute a full marketing and social media campaign. Drop us a line and let us know what your needs are today!

Local Rewards for Your Donors

Provide your donors with a great local perk just for donating to your Nonprofit, for FREE! GiveCorps works with local, socially minded merchants to provide donors via our platform with coupons for dollars off or free stuff. You don't have to do a thing, but sign up today!

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*% of donations is GiveCorp's service fee and does not include additional card processing fees, typically 3%, that are required for credit card acceptance

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Nonprofit FAQ

Do I have to be a nonprofit organization to feature a project on the GiveCorps platform?
Yes, your organization must be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code to be featured on our website.

What can GiveCorps do for my nonprofit organization?

Give Corps is cultivating the next generation of philanthropic donors. GiveCorps will support the future of your organization by engaging your nonprofit organization with Generation Y donors. 

How can my organization be featured on GiveCorps?

Sign up for our Rainmaker package.

Does my nonprofit organization receive 100% of donations made through GiveCorps?

The GiveCorps Foundation deducts 3% of funds raised for credit card processing fees and a marketing fee per your plan in order to pay marketing fees. You receive the remaining percentage.

How long does it take to receive my donations from GiveCorps?

Donations will be disbursed to you on the 17 th of the month following the month the donation was made.

What if I did not receive my donation check from GiveCorps?

If you have not received your check by the end of the following month, please contact us at .

Will I be provided with donor information?

When you receive your check from GiveCorps, it will also include the donation detail. Depending on the donor's preference, you will receive the donor name, email address, and/or mailing address. Donors do have the option to donate anonymously.

Am I responsible for the donor’s tax receipt for his/her gift?

No. All donations on the website are made through The GiveCorps Foundation which will generate a tax receipt for each donation. Once you receive donor information, you may want to send them a thank you for their donation.

Is there a minimum amount of funds that must be reached before funds are released to the nonprofit?

Yes, there is a $10 minimum.

A Few of Our Customers 

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We researched every provider we could find, and none offered a comparable solution to GiveCorps Pro.

Dayna Carpenter, Director of Annual Giving, UMBC

We were looking for a simple online giving platform that could be managed easily from everywhere without a big staff.  We also wanted a platform that was fully functional, giving us project-based fundraising, the ability for our supporters to hold fundraisers on our behalf, pledging capabilities, etc.  GiveCorps Pro is mobile, easy-to-use, and looks great. 

Karen Carr, Executive Director,
Community Coalition for Haiti

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